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GroundSource Energy — Heating & Cooling Systems

Why Use a GroundSource Energy System?

Total Comfort

We want our family to be comfortable so we start with our homes. They become our largest single investment, and no single part of our homes determines our level of comfort as much as the heating and cooling system. So why not select the best possible system for generations to come? The GroundSource Energy System is designed to provide year-round comfort in all weather conditions. A Ground Source Heat Pump works equally as efficiently in both heating and cooling modes, so in many cases you will have the added comfort of air conditioning for little or no added up-front costs. The GSE system from Natural Energy Solutions will provide a steady, even heat throughout your home or building, while providing dependable comfort for your family. Total economical comfort is in the earth right under your feet.

Every Day Convenience

Think about the convenience of simply setting the thermostat to the desired temperature and never worrying about that next fuel delivery or your rate of fuel consumption. The GSHP will provide the fluid circulation through the earth day-in and day-out with no assistance needed! No oil tank to check, no
gas tank to monitor and no budget busting fuel bills to pay; you’re rid of fuel purchases forever.

Safety for Your Family

Since your GSE system from Natural Energy Solutions consumes no fossil fuel, you won’t even need a chimney, unless you want one to hang your stockings. No risk of chimney fires – no flue gases – no risk of gas leaks – no risk of oil spills. Think about your added safety from eliminating the risk of deadly carbon monoxide gases. It’s about safety: for you, your family, your home, your valuables, and your environment.

The Best Value

We all want value for our hard-earned money, and no single investment can provide the long-term returns on investment as your GSE system from Natural Energy Solutions. Although the initial installation investment can be slightly higher than the costs of inefficient systems, GSE systems can provide savings of 25% to 40% every year in operation when compared to the operating costs of the energy wasting fossil fuel consuming burners. The savings can even be greater when compared to an air source heat pump. GSE systems can even be designed to provide FREE domestic hot water when operating in cooling modes. A GSE system is the only investment in your home that continues to provide savings year after year. Most systems have a design life of well beyond 50 years with warranties of 20 years or more. One word says it all: Value!



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